Puppies For Sale

Ruidoso Malinois breeds exceptional quality Belgian Malinois puppies out of Protection or fully trained Police K-9 trained dams and sires imported from France, Belgium, Holland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. These adults are selected to meet our high standards for superior bloodlines, capability, drive, temperament and intelligence. The quality of our breeding adults is exceptional and this is passed on to the litters.

Our pups are all raised with individual attention, well socialized, and once weaned are fed excellent quality organic foods so as to ensure the best possible health and slow growth. There is no forced exercise under one and a half years of age thus maximizing solid bone development. Vaccinations are kept to a minimum to avoid vaccinosis with protocols in place ensuring full protection for the pups. Special attention is given to avoid possible fear imprinting between the ages of 8-12 weeks so that solid, confident, character is in place for the life of these high quality dogs. Pups are carefully selected to match the needs of our client, be it working dog, sport dog or household companion.

Pups are not released until they are 14 weeks old for several reasons:

  • You can only start to see the temperament and personality and unique talents/drives of individual pups at around 12 weeks old, important so that exactly the correct pup can be selected for you.
  • To ensure that they have had all their puppy shots.
  • The pups are separated from their mother in an appropriate and gradual way.
  • The pups are exposed to several environments during their first fear phase with both puppy pack support and support/encouragement from myself and Ruidoso Malinois staff to ensure that they leave with confidence and a solid foundation for their future life.
  • There is strong scientific evidence showing that when pups are separated from their littermates and stable environment younger than 13 weeks of age they suffer a life with different degrees of separation anxiety and certain brain atrophy, their brain never actually develops fully. They will never be the confident fully developed dog they could have been.

Keeping the pups for this extended time requires a lot of extra work from all of us at the kennel. It is not a smart business decision, however it is most certainly the right thing to do for the well-being of the pups and the success clients experience with the pup they receive from Ruidoso Malinois. I have a responsibility to these pups and to my clients that is taken seriously. A happy client makes for a happy pup, a happy confident pup makes for a happy client.

There are strong warranties on hips and elbows (until 24 months of age) and congenital health (until 36 months of age).

We will send pictures and details of dam and sire of the pups that we think are suitable for you, upon request. Each pup is photographed repeatedly in both social and individual situations in a manner that reflects their capability and personality. Personal conversations with owner Irene Howcroft are important in order to match the correct pup ensuring the successful and fulfilled life for both the pup and client.

Please call for available Belgian Malinois puppies as these change. Listed below are 2 litters currently available.

Deposits accepted on future litter once the pups are whelped.

Please contact us if you are interested in being notified about future litters.