Ruidoso Malinois sits on 15 acres with ample room for generous K-9 housing, exercise areas for the dogs, a Training Centre and an apartment for accommodation for guest trainers, students, law-enforcement and security handlers.

The property boundaries and topography also allow for tracking problem solving on site and extensive challenges for successful open area narcotics, explosives and patrol training.

The apartment has a fenced area specifically for the K-9's belonging to the current guest(s) so that bonding is enhanced between handler and K-9.

The apartment is also used for detection training, home invasion protection training, patrol building search.

Dogs are trained inside the Training Centre and outside in both fenced and unfenced areas, depending on the dog and the discipline. The Training Centre has 6 rooms and large central hall, for detection imprinting and training and patrol building search. The Training Centre is also used for puppy environmental exposure and development.

The agility/obstacle field used for conditioning adult dogs and also for balance development and exposure for the pups. There are 3 horses on site so all dogs and pups are exposed to equines. This has proven invaluable for certain clients both, civilian and from enforcement agencies, who frequently find themselves in an environment with equines.

Ruidoso Malinois has access to many off-site locations for training purposes. This is important ensuring dogs do not become site-secure and are able to work in any environment and location both indoors and outdoors.