Police/Security K9s For Sale

Ruidoso Malinois trains Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dogs from our own breeding and imported green dogs. All dogs not bred and raised at our facility are from European working lines only and are direct imports from Europe thus ensuring healthy, strong working dogs.

We will custom train to your specifications and unique requirements upon request.

Ruidoso Malinois has available:

1) Detector Dogs:
article recovery

2) Dual Purpose (Detector/Patrol) Dogs

3) Patrol and Extraction Dogs

To view our dogs performing a variety of skills, including bitework and bite under gunfire, visit the Videos page.

Our canines are trained to pass the American Working Dog standards unless other standards are required (NAPWDA, AWDA, USPCA, and more). The training of the officer/handler and K-9 as a team is of highest importance. Ruidoso Malinois stresses hands-on instruction for all K-9 officers/handlers to ensure the success of becoming a team, a single unit, a "Hunine" (human/canine). Dogs come with a 2 year warranty for any congenital medical condition, after the date of purchase. We also guarantee that the dogs you obtain will perform the duties required of it. If for any reason your department is not happy with the canine within the first 12 months after receipt it will be replaced. Ruidoso Malinois proudly stands behind the quality of our trained dogs.

Please call for full listing of dogs for sale as these change. Listed below are some of our available Belgian Malionis K-9 Police Dogs.

Also see our Green Dogs For Sale as these dogs are in different stages of training and some may be close to Handler School ready.

Police/Security K9s Sold

View police and security K9s that have been sold and represent the superior breed characteristics and worldwide demand for Ruidoso Malinois dogs.