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Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale
  Ruidoso Malinois breeds exceptional quality Belgian Malinois puppies out of Protection or fully trained Police K-9 trained Dams and Sireís imported from France, Belguim, Holland, Bosnia and Serbia. These adults are selected to meet our high standards for superior bloodlines, capability, drive, temperament and intelligence. The quality of our breeding adults is exceptional and this is passed on to the litters.  

Belgian Malinois Puppies
Belgian Malinois Puppy

Belgian Malinois Puppy

  These pups are all raised with individual attention, well socialized, and once weaned are fed excellent quality organic foods so as to ensure the best possible health and slow growth. There is no forced exercise under one year of age thus maximizing solid bone development. Vaccinations are kept to a minimum to avoid vaccinosis. Special attention is given to avoid possible fear imprinting between the ages of 12-14 weeks so that solid, confident, character is in place for the life of these high quality dogs. Pups are carefully selected to match the needs of the buyer, be it working dog, sport dog or household companion.  

Belgian Malinois Narcotics Detection Puppies
Belgian Malinois Dual Purpose Puppies

Belgian Malinois Security/Patrol Puppies

  We have available pups of different ages suitable for work, sport or family companion. We will send pictures of the pups we think are suitable for you upon request. Each pup is photographed repeatedly in both social and individual situations in a manner that reflects their capability and personality.  

Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog Puppies



Please call for available Belgian Malinois puppies as these change. Listed below are some of these.

Deposits accepted once litters are on the ground.

Please contact us if you are interested in being notified about future litters.
Ruidoso Malinois Puppies For Sale

  Fyla-Cobe Litter
Whelped December 17, 2011
This is a repeat breeding with the previous litter now working as Police K-9, Sport, Personal Protection and some Family Companion dogs.

This litter has all the genetics necessary for serious Sport, K-9, Personal Protection with one or 2 of the litter being suitable as family companion dogs. Fyla and Cobe have produced a litter with excellent drive and focus already evident for pups so young. Please call or email for details of the personality, temperament and potential evident at this point of each specific pup.
Fyla Cobe Litter | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog Puppy For Sale

  Cassandra-Cobe Litter
Upcoming Litter, expected March 2012



  Jewels-Cobe Puppies
Volcan & Actaen
Jewels-Cobe | Belgian Malinois Puppy For Sale

  Rhae-Cobe Puppies
Ghita, Janus, and Medusa
Rhae-Cobe | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog Puppy For Sale

  Banga-Cobe Puppies
Shaka & Thabu
Shaka-Thabu | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog Puppy For Sale

  Abby-Cobe Puppies  
Abby-Cobe | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog Puppy For Sale

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