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Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs For Sale
  Ruidoso Malinois provides superior CUSTOM TRAINED Personal Protection dogs.

Our dogs are custom finish trained for your specific needs, lifestyle and household which are clarified during an in-depth conversation. In this personal conversation with owner Irene Howcroft we will also discuss the individual dog best suited for you, the details of handler school and why our dogs are NOT sport dogs but specifically selected and tested for the unique requirements of a Personal Protection Dog. They are trained at Ruidoso Malinois, not pre-trained in Europe as sport dogs, which may have different genetics from those required for Personal Protection.

All Protection Dogs are social, intelligent, good with children, familiar in homes and all the activities that an active home is filled with. They are crisp on obedience, affectionate, loyal, devoted and quick to respond upon command to any threat in any environment. These dogs are wonderful additions to your family and love to be included on family outings to the great outdoors and because of their agility and stamina are excellent jogging companions providing the security needed when jogging alone. Each family member is taught how to control the dog should the unfortunate need arise.

As a breed Belgian Malinois have a very strong presence and having them in the home is often a sufficient deterrent to a possible intruder or threat, however they also have training and capacity to defend.

Belgian Malinois are becoming the breed of choice for the Military and Enforcement Agencies as they generally have fewer health issues and live longer than German Shepherds. This saves on both medical bills and also gives you a longer return on your investment, both financial and more importantly, emotional, as these wonderful, intelligent dogs spend many years with your family as a valued, participating and protective family member. Video showing the quality of our training can be viewed by a visit to the Videos page.


Please call for available dogs as these change. Listed below are some of our available Belgain Malinois Personal Protection Dogs.


Amigo is imported from Hungary where he has been custom bred and raised specifically for Ruidoso Malinois. His bloodlines cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. He is friendly, good with children and other animals, has a commanding presence, is intelligent and committed. He is loyal and clearheaded with a solid understanding of the difference between a threat and a non-threat. He can be taken anywhere in the community with confidence control and good manners.
Amigo | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

Dany is a calm dog, who is excellent with children and gets on well with other dogs and animals. Dany can be taken anywhere with confidence that he will be well behaved and social. He is a loyal boy who is intelligent, affectionate and deeply committed in his protection work.
Dany | Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dog For Sale

Dexter is a compact, athletic, committed dog. He bonds very strongly with his handler and has an animated personality that is both engaging and endearing. He is good with other dogs, loves his ball and confident in all environments.
Dexter | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

Lucifer is a most bubbly and playful boy. He loves his life and views the world with curiosity and fun. He is a joy to be around. Do not be fooled into thinking that he is complacent in his protection. Because of his genetics and commitment as a team with his handler his protection work is strong and intense. Lucifer is good with children and other animals.
Lucifer | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

Female Bria is a powerful girl who loves her ball and is serious in her protection work. She is very social, intelligent, affectionate and wants to engage with her handler. She is excellent with children and good with other animals in addition to being confident in all environments.
Bria | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale


Sany is a sweet, affectionate and smart girl. She has loves her ball and is unrelentingly focused in her protection. She is effervescent and engaging with energy and athletic ability. She is lovely to have around and will provide years of joy.

Sany | Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dog For Sale

Cathy has crisp obedience, a strong desire to please her handler and has an engaging, gentle personality. She is committed in her protection work and enjoys the company of her human family.
Cathy | Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dog For Sale

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