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Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs For Sale
  Ruidoso Malinois occasionally has family protection dogs available. Please call us for details on dogs.

All Protection dogs are social, good with children, familiar in homes and all the activities that an active home is filled with. They are crisp on obedience, affectionate, loyal, devoted and quick to respond upon command to any threat in any environment. These dogs are wonderful additions to your family and love to be included on family outings to the great outdoors and because of their agility and stamina are excellent jogging companions providing the security needed when jogging alone. Each family member is taught how to control the dog should the unfortunate need arise.

As a breed Belgian Malinois have a very strong presence and having them in the home is often a sufficient deterrence to a possible intruder or threat.

Belgian Malinois are becoming the breed of choice for the Military and Enforcement Agencies as they generally have fewer health issues and live longer than German Shepherds. This saves on both medical bills and also gives you a longer return on your investment, both financial and more importantly, emotional, as these wonderful, intelligent dogs spend many years with your family as a valued, participating and protective family member.

To view our dogs performing a variety of skills, visit the Videos page.


Please call for available dogs as these change. Listed below are some of our available Belgain Malinois Protection Dogs.


Aress is imported from Serbia. He is very social and confident. He is curious about his world and has an engaging and playful personality. He is loyal, and a strong protector.
Aress | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog For Sale

Uma is good with children, other dogs, and is all heart in her protection work. She is affectionate, loyal and intelligent who gets on well with other dogs and children.
Uma | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog For Sale

A stunning girl who is calm in all environments, attentive and loving with her handler and intense in her protection work. She is good with other dogs and children.
Maali | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog For Sale

Tango has impressive presence and an excellent disposition. He is dog neutral, a strong protector and good in family situations. He is a wonderful loyal, affectionate companion and friend.
Tango | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog For Sale

Imported from Serbia. Atina is a powerful female with a "don't mess with me" attitude to those that threaten her handler. She is affectionate and loyal with her handler.
Atina | Belgian Malinois K-9 Police Dog For Sale

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