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Belgian Malinois Family Companion & Agility Dogs For Sale
  Ruidoso Malinois does have Belgian Malinois family companion and sports dogs for sale. These are superior, well socialized dogs each of which, for some reason, did not quite meet the strict requirements as a Detection Working Dog. They are released at different ages and are fully crate and obedience trained prior to going to their new home.

We are very careful to match you with the best possible dog for your family, environment and canine expectations. You will receive a wonderful addition to your family bringing joy, curiosity and the interaction so unique to the Belgian Malinois breed. Although not protection trained these dogs all have strong protective instincts as they are out of strong Protection Dam and Sire.

To view our dogs in public and performing obedience, visit the Videos page.


Please call for available dogs as these change. Listed below are some of these dogs.

  Ruidoso's Berk
Male AKC

Dam: Chila CHAMPION imported from Serbia FCI AKC.
Burk is an athletic, affectionate, animated dog with an effervescent personality. He has good obedience and is confident in all environments.
Berk | Belgian Malinois Family Dog For Sale

  Ruidoso's Slicer
Male AKC

Dam: Jewels, Grand daughter of Elgos French Ring WORLD CHAMPION AKC
Slicer is a bold, alert dog who is vigilant in his environment and wants to please with his handler. He is a joy on hikes and enjoys being outdoors. He is good in a home and has good obedience. He has a solid structure.
Slicer | Belgian Malinois Companion Dog For Sale

Male, Imported from Serbia

Cambo is a striking gentle boy who thrives on the attention of his human family. He has good obedience, is confident in his environments and is territorial. He is affectionate and intelligent. He enjoys playing fetch with his ball.
Cambo | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

Male, Imported from the Czech Republic

Rocky is a gentle yet athletic boy. He is very good with children and likes riding in the car for all shared experiences with his family. He has good obedience and house manners.
Rocky | Belgian Malinois Companion Dog For Sale



The following dogs have been sold and are shown as examples of the superior breed characteristics and worldwide demand for Ruidoso Malinois dogs.


SOLD Gomi is imported from Serbia. He is a gentle, loving dog who connects strongly with the people in his life. He enjoys playing fetch with a ball or tug. He is smart and will make a wonderful addition to a family.
Gomi | Belgian Malinois Companion Dog For Sale

SOLD Whelped July 2009. Byrnsie is the daughter of Krecko, a Police dog imported from Belguim and Banga, a Personal Protection dog imported from France. Byrnsie is a very athletic dog with lots of spunk and personality. She is curious, naturally protective with good obedience. She is very fast and would make an excellent agility or fly ball candidate.
Byrnsie | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

SOLD Chacho has working dog blood lines, is a confident and naturally protective dog. He is in training for personal protection and will make an excellent addition to any family.
Chacho | Belgian Malinois Protection Dog For Sale

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